Neighbor’s tree smashes AC unit

Life can be so incredibly frustrating sometimes.

Even when it seems like you have all your ducks in a row and you are doing your best to be a responsible adult, you can’t necessarily count on everybody around you following suit.

For instance, when I moved into my brand new home and made sure that everything was carefully inspected for safety, there was nothing I could do to ensure that my neighbors would be equally responsible. Unfortunately, this has resulted in destruction. While my trees have been perfectly trimmed back, my neighbor’s never worried about their tree limbs. We had a huge storm last week, and wouldn’t you know, a tree limb came crashing down on my air conditioning condenser outside. I woke up in the morning, wondering why my house seemed rather warm. When I looked outside, I saw a huge tree branch laying across my yard and crushing my outdoor air conditioning component. That explains why my indoor air felt so humid and warm. I immediately called my neighbor as well as the local heating, cooling, and ventilation specialists. The knowledgeable and certified HVAC technician demanded that a new air conditioning unit was installed to replace the crushed one. At the same time, my neighbor insisted that they couldn’t be held responsible for falling tree limbs. Now, I’m stuck in an insurance battle waiting to find out who will be culpable for the cost of a new cooling system. As far as I’m concerned, my neighbor will be replacing the broken central air conditioning unit one way or another. If we can’t resolve this with common sense, then I will redirect my energy towards common law and file a lawsuit over this expensive AC replacement.
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