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I am such a lucky dude! My best friend of several years recently became a certified heating, ventilation plus A/C supplier! I was so happy for my friend and all he did. He went to university and graduated in the top five percent of students for heating and cooling certification. My best friend just got his first job working for a local air conditioning and heating maintenance service. This is not a one hundred percent developed heating and cooling company yet. They only do Heating and A/C repair. They are praying to slowly be selling heating, ventilation plus A/C equipment, but that is a bit in the future yet. The largest perk now for me, is that my best friend can help me with all of our heating, ventilation and A/C problems! Not for free, however. To be honest I could never take advantage of him like he wasn’t my best friend. With that being said, having him as a certified heating and cooling specialist will save me some cash every month. My best friend really said to myself and others that he would supply myself and others special discounted heating, ventilation plus A/C maintenance when I needed it. This was a huge relief for me personally. I usually end up spending at least 300 dollars a year on either heating and cooling repairs or general Heating and A/C upgrades! But, now that our best friend is a heating, ventilation plus A/C specialist, he can do all this for me, for only half the price! He would never tell the Heating and A/C maintenance company he works for though. They wouldn’t prefer that undoubtedly much… Especially the fact he was taking side jobs under the table or in a shady way. I would never want to be the dude that was responsible for getting him in trouble at work!

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