My personal trainer is intense but I am losing weight like crazy

My sister and I signed up for a fitness class at the personal training center.

Our goal was to see who can lose the most weight. After doing a group fitness class one time, we were separated. My sister is a former soccer player and runs all the time. The personal trainer she got focuses more on strength training. She has to do tons of arms, abs and leg drills. She is lifting weights, medicine balls and using weighted ropes. What is awesome is that she has a hot guy for a trainer. Every week she is so excited to go to her fitness training class. She spends so much time getting ready with her outfit, hair and make up. Funny she is not really seeing results. Her trainer babies her too and they spend most of the time chatting. I am super envious of her since my guy is a big bear of a man. He is giant and brutal with our exercises. There is no chatting, flirting or fun. We are there to work. I do all cardio heavy drills where he shouts at me to pick up the pace. I have lost so much weight and achieved all the goals he set for me though. We are now upping our sessions to three times a week. The guy is the terminator and I am Sarah Connor in the second movie. I am getting muscles everywhere and looking so much better than my sister. So she may have the hot personal trainer but mine is better. I can’t wait until she realizes that I am totally winning our bet.



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