My new neighborhood

I just moved to brand new neighborhood last month, and I really love it here.

Everything is so great and everyone is so wonderful.

The other good thing around here that I have heard from others in the neighborhood is that they have a quality HVAC company. When they say quality HVAC company, they really mean a quality HVAC company! I actually went to the heating and air conditioning provider the other day to sign up for one of their heating and air conditioning service plans. When I met the owner of the heating and air conditioning company, he was the nicest guy I ever met! I have never seen an HVAC company owner that seemed like just one of the people in the neighborhood. He was telling me all about their quality HVAC plan, and he was also mentioning to me about different things in the new neighborhood that had nothing to do with heating and air conditioning! A really friendly guy all together. He gave me some energy savings tips too on how to keep my electric bill lower while running my central heating and air conditioning system! I have never got anything like that from any heating and cooling company in the past before…until now. I thanked him dearly, and then I went back home to await the certified heating and air conditioning specialist that was going to give me an HVAC tune up and check up on the central heating and air conditioning system in my house. I am going to really love living in this neighborhood.


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