My new desk is right under the AC air vent

A couple of weeks ago, I got promoted at work. I was surprised and shocked, because I didn’t know that my boss was even considering me for a promotion. I started working in a different division of the company, so I moved to a different floor. I had to pack up all of the things from my desk, including my pictures, computer, office supplies, and personal belongings. I moved to the third floor. My desk is much larger and I am in the corner of the room. I have a great view of the park and I don’t have to worry about people walking by every minute of the day. Unfortunately, my new desk is also directly under the AC air vent. Every time the AC unit turns on, my arms and legs start to shake and I shiver. I didn’t have any problems before, but now I am cold almost every day. Even when I wear a sweater, my arms and hands are still cold every time the AC starts blowing cold air. I can’t wear a jacket, because it’s bulky and it looks weird. Most of the other people in the office wear a light sweater or a suit coat. I don’t want to request a different desk, because I like the placement of my little office. If it was not for the AC air vent, I would absolutely be in heaven. My new coworkers are very friendly and this office atmosphere is much less competitive than the last place. I have a lot less stress and I make more money.


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