My furnace feels so cozy on a cold winter day

Finally, I went back inside and shut the door

Sometimes, it sure is hard to get out of bed in the morning. There are some mornings when it is below freezing outside and it feels so warm in my bed under the covers. I typically begin my commute to work just before dawn. I hardly ever miss work, but the days when I am the most tempted to call in are typically freezing cold mornings when I am very reluctant to leave the warmth of my house. I guess I can blame my heating system for that. My gas furnace sure keeps my home nice and warm and cozy. If I somehow manage to roll out of the comfort of my bed and start to get ready for work, then I can typically shake off the lazy feelings. The second hurdle on an icy cold winter day is walking out of the front door. That really makes me want to turn tail and shut the door behind me and stay in that warmth my climate control system provides! There was one day last winter when it was in the twenties outside. I had gotten all ready for work, but I just had this sense of reluctance. When I finally opened my front door, a biting cold gust of wind fought to wrest control of the door from me. I looked at my vehicle and realized it would be quite a while before it would be warmed up and thawed out for my commute. Finally, I went back inside and shut the door. The coldness I felt from the outside gradually gave way to the warm furnace air on the inside. Then, I went back to bed!
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