My delivery guy really helped me out

Not many people can say this.

But my food delivery guy actually gave me a tip that I will thankful for the rest of my life! When he came to deliver some food I ordered from a local diner he noticed that my home was a bit on the bad air quality side.

I told him that I was well aware of it and that I had some portable air purifiers all around different rooms of the home. But it didn’t work for the front area of the house. This is when me and my food delivery guy had a discussion about indoor air comfort and air purification. He told me about something I never heard of. It was a called a whole house air purification unit. These things are alternately known as whole home air purification systems. They are air purifiers that are a part of your central heating and air conditioning system. You can control them from your thermostat just like your heating and cooling. Also the actual whole home air purification system works while your heating or cooling is going! It comes out with the actual HVAC air! I thought this whole concept was so amazing. The next day I called my local heating and air conditioning company to ask about these things. And they told me they had them and what the price would be. They were expensive, but I put it on my credit card. I really owe my food delivery guy a big one majorly!


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