My dad’s cottage has rustic and traditional accents

My dad had an ancient hunting cabin, hidden deep in the middle of the woods for years. Long after his passing, I inherited the charming chalet. The wood was ancient, with hideously decorated walls and crude ornaments. Deer in addition to other creature heads were mounted on the wall, and a lot of the creature skins were used as decorative throws! As a vegetarian in addition to a creature lover, it was a touch horrifying for me to see this chalet up close. I finally decided that I wanted to use the cabin, though many things would need to be redone! I called my neighbor, who works as an interior designer, and explained the situation. While I did not want to completely get rid of everything, as this was my father’s cabin, I still wanted some improvements. With the rustic look still desired, I needed to be able to tolerate going into the building! My neighbor said there is a rustic meets transitional style, which is employed in the interior design industry. The interior designer keeps as much of the wood as possible, and a lot of the natural colors in addition to furniture pieces are kept as well. To add the transitional style, some artwork, cute throw pillows along with a few chairs were added! I now love the way my rustic meets transitional style chalet appears. I have wooden chairs along with these nice, sturdy tables that my dad used. Along with that is some new furniture that I like to use, too. The artwork replaced all the creature heads, and many of the skins were sold to local traders. Overall though, most of the original wood in the chalet was kept!


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