My cousin loves the AC unit that keeps her warm

Each winter, my cousin loves to go to our aunt’s farm to pick pears.

This has been a tradition for her for quite some time because our uncle grows some award winning pears.

They have this particular flavor that tastes like heaven plus the local people appreciate the fruit. It’s always a great experience to go pear picking but it always gets a little freezing in the area. This is why my cousin always makes sure to put on a hot sweater when she’s doing this task. She even got a sweater the other day that has a built-in heating unit. The heating system ensures she’s perfectly hot plus she can even adjust the temperature control settings. There was a period when my cousin would just return home if she was feeling cold after laboring outside. Of course now with her heating sweater, she can be out there for longer durations doing the work. My uncle laughed saying she must have grown a better tolerance to the cooler temperatures. My cousin told him about her sweater with the built-in heating system and he said he could certainly use something similar. My cousin is planning to get him a heating sweater for his birthday soon if he is sincere about using the sweater. My cousin couldn’t imagine that anybody wouldn’t want even one, they are the best ever. It’s similar to using your electric blanket, but with furnace coils within your sweater. It’s a fantastic clothand my cousin is so glad that she thought about getting this sweater with a built-in heating system.

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