My commision has gone up since we got new AC units

I work in a furniture store and I have noticed that my commission checks have gone way up since my boss installed a new heating and cooling system.

I kept asking my boss to call an HVAC technician but he told me we didn’t have the money.

Eventually the AC got so bad that my boss had no choice but to call an HVAC technician. They HVAC technician worked with us and got us used HVAC parts and installed a smart thermostat. Once the store had a new HVAC system I could tell that people enjoyed being in the store much more than before. It might seem hard to believe, but AC is a big factor in purchasing things. When people are in the store and the air conditioner is broken, they don’t really want to stay. If people don’t want to stay they aren’t going to buy much, so fixing the HVAC was one of the best things my boss could have done! Right when my boss fixed the HVAC people also came up to me and said how great the store felt compared to its usual hot and muggy feeling. My boss gave me an extra bonus because he knew that I had been nagging him about fixing the heating and cooling system for months. If you work in a retail store or if you own one you really should think about getting a new HVAC system, you have no idea how much it will do for your business! I have also heard of many business owners that have more productive employees after they fix the AC.

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