My brother tore his HVAC system up when he was trying to fix it

My brother always tries to fix everything himself, but sometimes he just doesn’t know what he’s doing.

He’s a pretty handy guy when it comes to fixing things like car motors and computers and things like that.

He’s even been known to fix a broken ice maker in my freezer before, along with a coffee maker that I thought was definitely destined for the junkyard. However, some things are beyond his levels of capability for repair work. For instance, a few weeks ago before the weather started heating up for the spring, my brother noticed that his heating system wasn’t working correctly for some reason. I guess he went to turn the thermostat up and nothing happened, and it was the week that we got an unexpected snow storm so he needed the furnace to work properly. Well, he wasn’t about to call the local HVAC company to get them to come and do a professional furnace repair because he just simply didn’t want to spend the money on it. He watched a video online about how to repair an oil furnace like his, but he didn’t get all of the information that he needed. I guess there’s really no video out there that can teach professional HVAC repair experience. My brother messed around with the heater, though, because he was determined that he was going to fix it himself. He ended up making the problem even worse, though. Now he has a huge repair bill to pay to the HVAC company. He says that he should really learn when to call it quits.
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