My animal likes the AC vent

I suppose I might have one of the strangest cats out there.

I know that cats are known to have important personalities, but I swear my animal is a different breed! About two weeks ago I bought my animal a important scratching post that had a bed at the absolutely top.

I thought he would cherish climbing it to get to his bed because he seems to climb on everything else in the house. However, I observed that he started to sleep on top of the fish tank instead of his current scratching post. I certainly didn’t like when he climbed on top of the fish tank because he was constantly knocking things over and making a important mess. However, after watching him for a while, I observed that his fur was moving from the air coming out of the air conditioning vents. I realized he liked sleeping on top of the fish tank because it was so close to the a/c. I thought if I moved the current scratching post closer to the air conditioning vent that maybe he would stop sleeping on the fish tank. Thankfully, right when I moved the scratching post, he started to sleep on it because it was now closer to the air conditioning vent. How current that my animal would like the air conditioning so much! I can’t feel that I am just now finding this out and I have had my animal for six years.



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