Music can Change Your Body Temperature

I recently noticed a really funny thing.

I was sleeping overnight at a friend’s house in the dead of summer.

I was listening to music with my headphones. Suddenly the music switched from being really chilled out to really aggressive. I went from being comfortable in bed to being really hot before the song was over. I had to go to the thermostat and turn the air conditioner on. It got me thinking that maybe music can be an energy saving tip. In the summer time I can listen to easy nice music, and I will not need to turn my cooling system on so much. In the winter, I can listen to fast and angry music, and I will not need to spend so much on the heating! Of course I will not always want to hear music at night, so this is not a perfect solution in reality. Still, when it is really hot, instead of needing a fan, now I know that maybe the music could help keep me cool. Also, instead of needing a space heater when it gets really cold, I could just blast some music. If things ever got really bad this is a good tip to have. You could even say it is a bit of an energy saving tip. Either way, I will never forget the way that I found the whole thing out. Within minutes i had changed from being perfectly comfortable to sweating,and the only thing that had changed was the music! Life has all kinds of surprises.


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