Local printing service makes it possible for me to share my art

Thanks to technology these days an artist has more options than ever before, but that does not mean that it is a simple thing.

When you are an artist, trying to make a living on your artistic ability, you have a truly difficult road ahead of you. Millions of people have talents, but a small percentage absolutely put in the amount of work needed to take advantage of those talents. I am a painter and a graphic designer, and art has been my total passion for years, so I treat it like a full time task… At first I thought I could generate my own art prints, but have come to realize that a printing service does a lot better than a regular printer. At a commercial printing service I get top flight detail and crispness to prints of our artwork, and I can have them blown up into posters without losing any of that wonderful crispness. Someone gave me the brilliant idea to make buttons and badges as well, which requires a laminating service, but I can take care of that at the same business. I have dealt with this same commercial printer for several years now and I have an open account and they still print for me even if I can’t pay that particular day. I have done some research about commercial printers and laminators, and the cost I would have to pay makes it an unsustainable idea! Even the oldest and cheapest used component costs more than I spend at the printers in an entire year, so I will just keep on doing what I have been.

Commercial size printer