Living alone

I have lived with my boyfriend for about six months now, and however, before I moved in together I was living on my own for about two years, however i thought moving in with my boyfriend would be a unbelievable way to save some money in addition to my pal and I were starting to get more serious too. I particularly love living with my boyfriend, but there is one thing that I particularly miss about living on my own. I used to set the control unit on my HVAC system to whatever I wanted because I was paying for the electric bills! Now it’s a unusual story; My boyfriend is easily frugal with his money so I can’t just set the control unit to whatever temperature I want. He makes me keep the control unit set at seventy-five degrees which is brutal in the middle of the summer. I wish that my boyfriend would let me change the temperature of the control unit because keeping it set to seventy-five degrees all year round is awful. He even makes me keep the control unit at this temperature in the middle of the summer. If I was still living on my own I would have the cooling system blasting at sixty degrees in addition to sit under the vents for hours just to cool off. I feel that it’s better to save money in the long run, although I particularly miss my cooler HVAC habits. I don’t believe that I will ever get to live that way again, but it was particularly nice while it lasted for those few years.

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