Learning to fight the heat in the summer

The peak of summer season in the South can be outright blazing hot.

  • For those who aren’t familiar, it can be a serious rude awakening.

I remember our first summer time here. It was stunning how hot it could get down here. I had lived out west for a bit so had some idea of heat. But, nothing could have prepared me for the combination of high temps mixed with really high humidity. I was bewildered in the beginning. All I could do was turn the Heating & Air Conditioning device down lower & lower. My first energy bill cured me of doing that. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed to do more to help our Heating & Air Conditioning device cool our household. My first step was to seal up the house. I filled every single crack & upgraded all the weatherstripping I could find. Much of it had been ruined by the sun. I went online to purchase some heavy dark curtains to pull over our windows while I was gone to my place of work. I was shocked at how much just eliminating the direct sunlight heating did to cool things. So, for the windows which get direct sunlight throughout the day, I installed some solar blocking film. This stuff did a wonderful job of preventing heat. Lastly, I installed a smart control unit. It’s honestly the best. The thing has learned our patterns so it adjusts the temperature as needed. The temperature goes up while I’m away at work. Then, as I am headed back to my household the control device begins cooling the household down. When I get home the beach house is nice & cool. The summer time is still a difficult thing to have to deal with. But, at least our Heating & Air Conditioning device is working overtime & the utility bill is far more acceptable.

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