Kids have taken over the heating and cooling

I think that every parent dreads the day that their child begins learning how to function for themselves.

I mean, you want them to have some basic skills like feeding themselves and washing themselves.

However, when they start learning how things work around the household and have the autonomy to make changes to your indoor appliances, you really start to panic. Suddenly, you are not the one who is in control of every aspect of the household. This is how my husband and I have been feeling about our central heating, cooling, and air quality control system lately. We never used to have a problem with our indoor air temperature control devices and our children, and then the kids got a lot bigger. Suddenly, they could understand that the thermostat connected to the heating and cooling system which changed their entire environment. When they got large enough to be able to reach the central heating, cooling, and ventilation thermostat in the hall, we knew that we were in for trouble. All of a sudden our indoor air temperature control settings we’re changing on a regular basis and it was not because my wife and I wanted to spend more on our energy bills. We could not keep our children away from the heating, cooling, and ventilation system no matter how hard we tried. That’s when we finally upgraded to a smart thermostat device which would allow us to lock the kids out of the indoor air temperature control plan. The only problem being… Only the children know how to use the smart thermostat app, so now we have to ask them for help.

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