It’s not pleasant working out without climate control

I make physical fitness a huge part of my life. Every afternoon, I devote approximately an hour to my routine workout. I have a collection of fitness equipment, including a treadmill, jump rope, yoga mat, free weights, resistance bands plus a quality weight bench. I am lucky that I have a lanai on the back of my property where I can set up my exercise stuff plus handle my workouts… The lanai is sizable with a concrete floor, eight-foot ceilings plus access to electricity. One particular wall is entirely made up of screens that offers an attractive view of the lake behind my home. While I’m unquestionably working out, I observe ducks, geese, fishermen plus boats out there on the lake. In our local section the weather is completely mild for the majority of the year. I simply adjust what I’m wearing to take on the conditions. Because of the screens, there is no way to heat or cool the lanai. This is only a complication in the middle of Summer or winter. Although it’s a pretty short amount of time, I struggle with it. During the summer, I make sure to get up as early as possible plus workout before the heat of the daytime. With uneven temperatures in the upper nineties, going separate from the air conditioner equipment is brutal. I have a pair of electric fans that I run at full speed, but I’m still drenched in sweat. In the middle of the frosty season, I plug in an electric section oil furnace plus bundle up in winter clothing. It doesn’t make a big difference. It’s challenging to get warmed up plus motivated for a good workout when I’m shivering though.
a/c set up