It’s Easy to Trust My Certified HVAC Pro

I have one of those uncles who has a story for everything.

This guy can deliver more advice and quotations than any person I have ever met.

I try to factor in that he comes from a much different time than I do. Many of his ideas and philosophies are very black and white. There just isn’t much room for any gray area for this man. However, there are often some real word of wisdom in his diatribes sometimes. For example, he told me that finding a trusted mechanic could be more important than finding a good doctor. That one has turned out to be gold over the years. The same can be said for HVAC technicians. I’m certainly fortunate to have an HVAC guy who is more like family than a serviceman. This guy has always been a top notch pro with excellent skills. And, he has been there for me through a lot of years and some tough situations. My Mom recently moved down here because she just can’t be all alone anymore. Her air conditioning went out just months after she first arrived. I was in the first stages of moving her in with me until we could get her a new HVAC unit. But, my faithful HVAC pro brought over several portable cooling units so she could stay in her place. He didn’t even charge me a dime for this. My Uncle could ramble but he was right. When you find an honest mechanic, don’t let them go.


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