It's a nightmare managing this office building

I’ve been out of work for a very long time, so I wasn’t exactly picky when looking for a task.

  • An employment agency called me one day with an opportunity, so I drove down to the main office & met up with them immediately.

The owner of a big office building was looking for a building manager. I have had extensive job experience with building management, but not so much with the office building management side of things. I figured it would be the same, & the owner of the office building was ecstatic with my job experience. I started entirely working in the office building numerous weeks ago, & it’s been nightmare after nightmare ever since. I totally & completely get why the property owner did not want to deal with any of the clients. There are tons of major issues throughout the building, including problems with the heating, ventilation, & a/c. The two of us have ongoing problems with warm & chilly spots throughout the offices; Last week, half the toilets up on the second floor were not entirely working. The office building renters are fed up with the ongoing problems, & I can see why. Unfortunately, I can’t offer them much help. The office building manager certainly doesn’t want to spend a fortune to renovate the site, so the problems are not going to improve or get any better. I mentioned some preventive repair would certainly improve the office building, but the owner wants to service things as they break. It’s certainly no small wonder why all of the renters are angry, aggravated, & threatening to break their lease & leave this building. My office is on the ninth floor, & I take the stairs. I’m afraid of the rickety old elevator.

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