It will all pay off this winter

Here we go again.

  • The Wintertide is here and the freezing is here too.

The Heating and Air Conditioning is pumping and both of us are spending far less time outdoors because it’s cold. Plus, with the spike in the virus spread, it’s even more time with just our immediate family in our home this winter. I have been working from home since all of this started. And I imagine I will be doing the same thing for several more weeks to come. And so with this thought in mind, I decided to redouble our efforts. I want to make our home as cozy as possible this year. And saving a bunch of money on the heating bills didn’t hurt our feelings either. This fall, I took some time to be sure that our home was as prepared it could be for winter. Our home was built in the early 60’s. It’s still in good shape but, enjoy any home with some decades on it, it’s not quite as good as it once was. Making sure the home is sealed up is really one of the best things a homeowner can do to save cash on their heating costs. Additionally, the coziness factor goes way up. That’s because sealing up the home reduces those pesky drafts. I kicked off our efforts by making sure the weather stripping around all of the doors was replaced with new stripping. Then, I upgraded the front storm door. I spent a whole Tuesday caulking any gap or crack I could find on the exterior of our home. And then the following day, I did the same in the attic before placing another layer of insulation. Finally, I reinsulated a couple of windows to be sure that they weren’t letting Heating and Air Conditioning treated air out or freezing air in. I guess it will all pay off this winter.


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