It may have been cheap, but we love our AC unit.

My wife is pregnant and when she speaks, I listen.

That is how it has always been and how it will always be.

My dad told me that a happy wife means a happy life, and I listened to him. My wife is always happy and she comes first, especially now that she is carrying my son. When she told me it was too hot in the bedroom, I went out to buy a window air conditioner for her. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. I had to admit that our central air conditioning unit didn’t work well enough to reach the bedroom. We often laid awake or slept on the patio on those hot, sultry summer nights. That was before she got pregnant. Now, she needs to get a lot of rest and that can’t be done on the patio. We talked to the salesman at the home center and he tried to sell us a really expensive air conditioning unit. He told us about all of the pluses of those air conditioning units. I kept thinking that he was probably getting a commission on every sale, so I took all of his words with a grain of salt. My wife grimaced and told me she didn’t need a remote control. Once the temperature was set, she was fine. She also thought that a night light on the AC unit was a bit too much. She liked the cheapest AC unit they had in the show room. It runs quietly and it cools the bedroom, so I’m happy too.

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