Installing central cooling into childhood home

I grew up in a decent neighborhood in the suburbs. There were lots of kids and lots of activities to keep busy. Our house was the ideal size for our family with a sizable backyard with a swimming pool. It was a great place to spend the Summer afternoons. We made lots of amazing childhood memories. Life was wonderfully simple then. It was sometimes too hot at night when we tried to sleep. It was so hot and humid that I wish we could have closed all the windows and doors and turned on a cooling system, There was no air conditioning to keep us cool while we were running through backyards at night playing hide and seek. It wasn’t until I was in middle school that I realized that there were houses that were perfectly cool on hot, sticky nights. All these years later, I felt fortunate to be able to purchase the house I grew up in. The first call I made was to a local HVAC company to set up an appointment for them to install a central cooling system. The HVAC contractor was really knowledgeable and helpful in making sure that everything was handled properly. He answered all of our questions and familiarized us with how to run the cooling system unit. They even followed up with a free service after a few months to make sure that the system was meeting our requirements. They offered a discount on annual cleaning and ductwork inspection. We were totally happy with our new purchase. We are not totally comfortable during the summer in our new home.


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