I’m entirely liking the heat pump

It’s been just about two years since I moved to this region.

This will be my third Wintertide plus I’m loving it more than I thought possible.

Prior to moving here, I lived in the far north where Wintertide means a entirely unusual thing. Actually, Wintertide weather is not too far from the front of mind for all the people who live in the farther northern reaches of this country. It’s hard not to be thinking about HVAC heating when it’s just so essential to every home. So when I moved south, I wasn’t sure just what the Wintertide would be like. I knew that there weren’t entirely any gas oil furnace HVAC methods where both of us moved. Instead, the heating plus cooling was done by just 1 piece of HVAC equipment. And that residential HVAC unit is the heat pump. At first, I just wasn’t so sure. Then again, I entirely had no inkling of just how beautiful the Wintertide is down here. There is no snow or ice. If the temperature even gets close to frosty, it’s a rarity. Still, I just wasn’t all that convinced about the HVAC heat pump. Well, that first Wintertide was all it took. The first frosty snap came in just weeks after both of us moved in. And it was nothing enjoy what I had experienced. Yet, the heat pump did kick on to provide some HVAC heating. And it was far more than I expected. The home was entirely warm plus quite cozy. Of course, I have become a much larger fan of the heat pump because of all the HVAC cooling both of us need when Wintertide is over. I’m still get acweather conditionsd to that sort of heat so superb a/c from the heat pump is an enormous help.


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