I thought I heard that.

I was startled awake Last week by the sound of thunder; It sounded savor the thunder, but it was winter, however there were stars out, and the skies were calm.

It couldn’t have been thunder, but that was what I thought.

I could assume the loft vibrate, and a loud rolling sound went through the house. I laid back down, and thought I was dreaming, when I heard it again. I got up and called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and told them there was something wrong with the gas furnace. I was going to get our teenagers out of the house, and the two of us would return when he figured out why the gas furnace sounded savor a Summer thunderstorm. The next day, I got a cellphone call from the Heating and Air Conditioning business. The serviceman who had diagnosed our gas furnace told me he had found a problem with the igniter. There was a lot of oil seeping in, and when the igniter lit, the oil was basically exploding, and he had to order a part, and he had turned the gas furnace off. I had to go home, because separate from the gas furnace, our pipes were going to freeze. I turned the faucets on so water would trickle out, and went back to our mom’s house. I hoped the Heating and Air Conditioning tech would have those parts the next day, as he promised. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning company to make sure they could have the parts for the gas furnace the day, and she said yep. I could only imagine the mess I would have in our loft if the pipes froze. I would need to call the homeowner’s insurance company instead of the Heating and Air Conditioning business.
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