I think it's clear who vandalized the store this weekend

I have been the owner of a successful HVAC repair business for the past 10 years.

Business has been very good recently and I had to hire another HVAC repair technician to help with all of the service requests.

I interviewed several different people who were very qualified for the job. I settled on a young guy in his twenties with 3 years of experience in air filtration services. I thought the young guy would be a great addition to our team. Unfortunately, it has been one problem after another with this kid. I think he has a drinking problem. He often came to work smelling like a brewery. When I questioned his sobriety, he became very agitated and annoyed. A couple of days ago, I finally had to put down my foot. The guy came to work and I think he was still drunk from the previous night. I could only smell alcohol on his breath and his body. I could not let him go out to help customers in that shape. I sent the kid home for the day. The next morning, he did not show up or call. I decided to let him go. The day after I fired the employee for misconduct, the HVAC repair shop was vandalized. All of the windows were broken and there were spray-painted curse words all over the shop door. In the five years that I have been at this location, I have never experienced a single problem with vandalism until now. It absolutely seems like the disgruntled employee is responsible for the mess.
Air conditioning worker