I swear it was an accident.

My parents weren’t very happy with me this weekend.

I’m telling you I am a responsible person.

Yes, I am a teenager, but my parents brought me up to be respectful to people and to their property. When it comes to my parent’s property, I know the consequences. If we broke something, we had to pay to have it repaired or replaced. When they were working last weekend, I was restless and I wanted to do something fun. There is a field behind our house that my friends and I use for riding our ATV’s. I didn’t think mom and dad would mind if I would take out my ATV and ride for a while. I had all of my chores done and there wasn’t anything they had on a list, so I took my ATV out into the field. As my grandmother would say; the rest is history. I was having a lot of funo, especially after my friend showed up with his ATV. We were racing around, and I began to get going a bit too fast. Then I realized the ATV was a bit out of control, and the brakes weren’t working. I had to do something fast, but my brain was shutting. All I could think about was how angry mom and dad would be if I destroyed something. Then the unforgivable happened. I crashed into the air conditioning unit. Not just the AC unit was demolished, but so is my ATV. I know I will need to at least partially pay for the AC unit and I won’t have another ATV. To top it off, they had only purchased the air conditioner about a year ago.



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