I remember a nice kid

I remember when I was young, I never certainly felt love I fit in with all the other teenagers, however they would be playing baseball and hoops, and I was never certainly good at those activitys, i eventually noticed there was this other kid who would be walking around or riding her bike and she didn’t certainly play with those other teenagers either, however one day, I started talking to the kid and the two of us seemed to have a lot of similar interests, we started hanging out and I would invite him over to my apartment to hang out, but she was impressed by the air quality in our condo and how tidy the two of us kept the venue. She also asked me how it was so nice and cool in the household. I explained to him that was the air conditioning device that was keeping the apartment nice and cool. I asked him if she used air conditioning in her house, and she said that her parents never used an air conditioning machine. She wasn’t even sure if they had a single, however if they did, they didn’t use it ever. She said they had fans however that was it. The way she explained it, it was just a bunch ofboilingair blowing around, however it felt just right in our household. I showed him the temperature control and said that was what the two of us used to adjust the temperature in the home. She was amazed and said that they truly did have something love that on the wall at her house, however they never touched it. I figured that they really did have an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system then, they just really never used it because they wanted to save money.

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