I needed a dehumidifier for the AC to work properly

In order for my air conditioning unit to keep my home dry and cool, I had to buy a portable dehumidifier.

I really hate living in this rainy environment.

The humidity is off the charts during the summer. I grew up in the midwest where we had all of the seasons. That meant hot summers and cold winters. Without the HVAC system we would have been goners. I moved here when I went to college. I didn’t really like the humidity of the area, but I was offered a great job after graduation and I couldn’t refuse it. I ended up buying a home of my own, once I was established in my job. I really like my job and it didn’t take long to settle in. The only thing I don’t like is the humidity and the constant rain. Because of all of the rain, we were having problems with the air conditioning. No matter what we did, the house was never cool enough. I was talking to a friend who told me that if the air was too humid, it was more difficult to cool. I thought about this and then I made the decision to purchase a dehumidifier for the house. If the portable humidifier did the job, I was going to consider having a dehumidifier installed in my air conditioning unit. My portable dehumidifier was the size of a small window air conditioner. The only downfall was that I had to empty the water tub. There was an alarm to let me know it was time to empty the water and I simply dumped it down the sink. Within twenty-four hours, the humidity levels were greatly decreased and the air conditioning was working well.