I moved to be with a boy

The summer seasonal weather is always very hot and humid.

I have been living down south since I was 18 years.

I moved here to be with a boy. I met the guy online and I thought we were in love. He had a good job working at a factory, so I decided to move to the south to be together. We broke up a few weeks after I moved 500 miles. I didn’t have any way to return home, so I have been here since then. I found a job and a couple of friends and I settled into my life here. I have been here for the past 20 years and I still absolutely detest the weather during the summer. I like a warm winter, but the summer seasonal weather is absolutely outrageous. It is regularly 90 degrees and the humidity is always very high. It’s impossible to go anywhere unless there is AC. I am very careful to service my AC unit every summer. If you want to be sure that your AC won’t work well when the weather is extreme, then it is absolutely necessary to have a full service tune up performed on the equipment. I usually have the service performed in the month of February or March. By April, the outdoor temperatures can reach 90 degrees and I am using the AC every single day. If I wait until April to have the full service tune up performed, I run the risk of having major issues with the equipment. By then, the AC is already performing at full capacity.

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