I made a mistake leaving the North

I was actually happy when I left the North and moved to the South.

  • I thought everything was going to be so much better because I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant cold and brutal winter months.

I lived in a little apartment and soon realized that it was so blazing hot that I really had to depend on the air conditioning all the time. Not only was it incredibly hot but the humidity was entirely out of control! I learned from some new acquaintances that you need to have a dehumidifier and a powerful A/C system. It wasn’t before long when my air conditioning system completely broke down. That was brutal and I even had to pay to get emergency HVAC repair because the HVAC companies were so busy. After a few months of dealing with the blazing heat of the South, I decided that I couldn’t take it any longer. I thought it was nuts but I decided to move right back up North where I was at least familiar with the weather patterns and I knew how to handle things. Sure, it was cold up north, but it was so much easier for me to deal with than the Hot and Humid South. I was able to get back into my old rental home because nobody was occupying it yet. I actually missed my old trusty HVAC system with the gas furnace. I rarely had to use the cooling system, but I was glad about that. I thought I definitely never wanted to go back to the South again.


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