I knew it was going to be a hot day

Just this past weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday by going to a new city. We always wanted to explore this city and try out all of the city’s famous food and visit the local attractions. It was a great trip but one downfall that we experienced was the hotel that we stayed at. The hotel was horrible when it came to the customer service and air conditioning unit. When we got there it was a warm and hot day and we wanted to drop our luggage off in the hotel room and cool down a bit since we were very warm. We wanted to do this before we did any exploring. My boyfriend went to the thermostat and set the temperature down to 62 degrees. We waited for about five minutes and we didn’t even hear the window air conditioning unit kick on. We figured something must have been wrong with it. Before my boyfriend called the front desk to report a broken air conditioning unit, my boyfriend turned the A/C unit on and off and turned the thermostat on and off. To no avail the air conditioning unit still did not kick on. We called the front desk and told them about the broken air conditioning unit. We were told that we could not get into another room since all the rooms were booked up and that we would be able to get into a new room with a working air conditioning unit the next day. I did not want to sleep in a room that was warm and not air-conditioned. Especially since it was in the middle of summer. So we packed up our things and found another hotel that had a working A/C unit.

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