I had to purchase a window A/C

When our A/C unexpectedly stopped working, I didn’t realize how much of an issue I would have getting it inspected.

It happened during the middle of the Summer which is peak season for HVAC specialists, but when I called our HVAC provider, I was sited on a waiting list, and I was told that it could take up to a week to get our A/C inspected.

A week is a long time to live without a/c, especially because I live in the southern area of the country. The temperature gets up into the mid to high 90’s every afternoon, so the only way to stay cool is to have a working A/C in the home. Anyway, our HVAC provider told myself and others that they have been getting an influx of calls regarding broken A/Cs, and they don’t have enough specialists to cover the maintenance calls. In addition, they are experiencing a supply chain issue and are having a taxing time finding parts. As a result, unless there is an emergency situation, all maintenance calls will be sited on a waiting list. As mad as I was, I had to accept that I could not get the maintenance appointment. After I calmed down for a bit, I needed to figure out what to do. After a few hours, I found a temporary solution, which was to purchase a window A/C unit. I would locale it inside our study room so that I could sleep comfortably. It’s not the most ideal solution or the cheapest, but at least I will be able to sleep through the evening until I can get our A/C fixed.



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