I had to buy a new air filter but there were so many of them in the store

I had to buy a new air filter for my air conditioning system, but there were so many of them at the store that I got a little bit confused.

Replacing your air filter in your A/C or your furnace on a regular basis is the best way to keep your HVAC system running for a very long time.

Having clean air filters can also help you to keep your heating and cooling bills lower than they would be otherwise. A lot of people, like me, tend to forget about changing their air filters for months and months at a time. I have a rough time remembering to change mine, but most HVAC companies recommend that you change cheaper air filters every thirty days or so. If you spring for higher end filters, then you might be able to let them go for nearly five months at a time. When I called to get my HVAC technician’s opinion, he said that a good rule of thumb would be to change your air filters every ninety days. Since I have a cat and a dog and they both shed, I figured that I should probably change my air filters even more often than that. When I got to the local hardware store, there were so many air filters in the heating and cooling aisle that I got all confused. I started reading about the pros of HEPA filters and I ended up purchasing one of those to put in my air conditioner. Now that the air filter is in and working, my indoor air quality is much better.

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