I had less time

My partner has a dealer conference in Tampa Bay every year. He usually goes to the dealer conference alone or with some of his friends from college. This year, our guy asked me to go with him to the conference in Tampa Bay, however I was caught off guard & shocked when he asked. Luckily, he gave me plenty of time to ask for holiday days. My guy & I are going to be in Tampa Bay while I was in the week of early june. I’m really looking forward to it, because the weather should be hot & sunny. That will be quite a change from our normal cool weather. My guy will need to be in meetings most of the morning, so he told me to find some Tampa Bay space attractions to go take pictures of. He is going to arrange a vehicle to take me any place that I wish to go. I have been on the lookout for a few places, although I have not made any decisions yet. I need to choose more than two unusual activities. My guy will be in meetings all morning on Wednesday, Tuesday, & Sunday, since I have never visited the Tampa Bay area sadly, so I am taking our time to choose the perfect activities. I easily want to visit some of the parks & state buildings. I would also love to spend a morning going to see a few unusual museums. My good friend and neighbor & I appreciate Salvador Dali; Both of us have prints all over our apartment. There is a very popular museum right in Tampa Bay. I think I will save shopping in downtown Tampa Bay, for a morning when our guy will be with me. Then he can pay for all of our stuff.

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