I don’t get the big deal

You know, there is all this talk about the almighty HEPA air filters going around. I got really curious because of all the talk about them and how great they are. Well, I tried HEPA air filters for myself finally and I have to tell you that I do not get the big deal. In my opinion you are just paying for the name HEPA! The air filters themselves are no better or no worse than your standard air filters. You could buy the air filters you normally buy at the store and end up with the same exact quality as these so called almighty HEPA air filters! I think the whole hype is one big rip off to tell you the truth. Also, people’s minds play tricks on them. If they are programmed by media to believe something is amazing or better, in their minds they will think that it is. And after trying these HEPA air filters first hand I can tell you that this is the exact case here. I am not one to buy into trends just because people hop on them. I am also not one to believe something is the best just because the masses say it is. I have to try something for myself and base it on my own opinion. And that is my personal findings on HEPA air filters. While HEPA air filters work great, there are other more cheap air filters that work just as well. After this pack of HEPA air filters I bought are used up I will be going back to my usual!

a/c rep