I could relocate and not bat an eye

Sometimes it’s really difficult just living next to somebody.

Have you ever had neighbors that you simply Feel like you just can not stand? I suppose this is what I am dealing with right now in my home! My neighbors are young plus legitimately careless people, and that is to say the least. They are regularly destroying things because they are so careless! For example they keep reversing into my central heating plus a/c component with their truck! Every single time they do this they are putting dings in my otherwise perfectly working central heating plus a/c system! I absolutely had to explain this to my certified heating plus a/c specialist that inspects my central heating plus a/c unit. They inquired with me why everytime they come to do the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C fix up on the central heating plus cooling component that it is often dented more plus more! I told them. And the certified heating plus a/c specialist then would inform me that if it happened much more that it could seriously injure my central heating plus a/c. I told my neighbors about this plus of course they didn’t entirely care much. They were absolutely pretty flippant about it! They are on drugs half the time I think. All I truly suppose is that if my central heating plus a/c shuts down because of them backing into it with their trashy truck, I absolutely am going to sue them for a lot of money! I legitimately abhor these people plus hope they move sometime soon or get arrested! I hate to be that negative, but I am fatigued with all their careless behavior all together!



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