I can’t particularly say why, but I always looked for the cheapest deals when it came to heating and A/C repairs in our home! I was always looking for cheap homeowner solutions. I would find dealers online to do different jobs like I needed like having a fence built in our backyard, given, the fence didn’t come out that good as it wasn’t even completely straight, but it serves its purpose, and when I had the roof done on our garage, I was disappointed to find that it was leaking after it was supposedly finished. I complained and got half of my money back, but I had to repair the leak myself by replacing one of the tiles which I found out was ripped! I mean honestly, if you hire someone to do something important like a roofing job, you’d suppose they’d do it correctly. It was kind of our own fault for going for the cheapest dealer. I made a big mistake going through a local corporation the last time when getting our heating and A/C taken care of, the guy I hired wasn’t a certified heating and A/C expert, and he ended up killing the heating and A/C machine! Honestly, it didn’t work after he was done, and he still tried to charge me for his house services. I told him he would be blessed if I didn’t sue him for the damages he did to our heating and A/C, and he just hurried up and left after that. I ended up going through a proper heating and A/C company after that with NATE certified experts, and I’m happy with the work they did on our current heating and A/C install, but I wished that I didn’t have to get a new heating and A/C system just yet.

You get what you pay for

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