I can’t believe the dirt!

I own the only  bowling alley in my small town. The bowling alley is a family run business that has been passed down from one generation to the next generation. Most of the bowling alley has been left more or less untouched since it opened. The shoe rentals, the bar & game center are all ancient fashioned now but look great. The monitors & screens to show the bowling stats look pretty dated but it adds to the wholesome vibe. The 1 thing I decided to upgrade when I got the bowling alley was the floors though. I don’t suppose if anyone in our family had ever paid for floor cleaning, but I decided to be the first 1 to cut that seal. The floors in the bowling alley get tons of wear. Even with the special bowling shoes, there are scuffs happening all the times. The floors had dents from where the heavy bowling balls have dropped a little hard. The floors had started to look downright nasty. I called a commercial cleaning company to come in & make my floors look brand new and up-to-date again. The cleaning service woman I talked to was super helpful & explained to me the whole process. Her cleaning crew did floor stripping & floor waxing. I watched all the women do the floor service appointment & was shocked. There were a few of them buffing, waxing & stripping. By the end of the floor cleaning I could not know the jobs they did. The floors have no scuffs, dents & look brand new. I talked to one woman & all of us agreed on a yearly floor stripping & waxing appointment for my lanes in order to maintain the good condition they are in now.

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