I believe in inspections.

There is one thing that I do that most of my friends seem to think is a waste of time and money.

I have my HVAC system inspected every year. My friends tell me that inspections are only needed for corporate heating and air conditioning systems. I had to think about that, but I discarded it. I know that corporations have their HVAC systems inspected and cleaned a couple times a year. They need the heating and air conditioning to run well to keep their buildings, equipment, and employees safe. Computers can shut down when the heat and humidity gets too high. They need to have excellent air conditioning and dehumidification to keep the equipment safe and running well. They don’t want heating or air conditioning to fail for their employees. This could lead to unsafe conditions for their employees. This ruins morale, and it also causes health issues that can cause great money issues for the company. I have the same situation at home. If my HVAC system isn’t running well, I have health and morale issues. I work from home. This means that I don’t work as well when I don’t have good heating and air conditioning, as I work when my equipment is running well. Even if I didn’t work from home, I would still have the HvAC equipment cleaned and serviced regularly. This keeps the equipment running better, and it aids in the longevity of my HVAC equipment. In turn, it costs less to run and I am saving money. I think that is also a good reason to have regular inspection of your heating and air conditioning.

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