Hubby didn’t turn the space furnace on.

I’m furious at my fiance! She didn’t turn the space furnace on in the kitchen when she went to bed last night plus it is freezing in our kitchen this day.

She was the last a single to go to bed plus she watches the weather so she should have turned the space furnace on; When both of us bought this venue last year, the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit didn’t work. Every one of us used our whole savings as a down payment plus both of us don’t have the money for a modern Heating plus Air Conditioning unit right now when so many other things need to be repaired, then so, both of us use window cooling systems plus space heaters; That’s all both of us need in this subtropical temperature, however our temperature might be subtropical, but it still gets cold. It’s 42 degrees right now. I can see my breath in this kitchen. The space furnace in the residing room is on for the pets but hubby would rather let myself and others freeze. I know she is trying to save money or something, however leaving the space furnace off would not be such a large deal, because both of us have warm blankets, but my laptop refuses to come on. It doesn’t love the frosty any more than I do. I keep pushing that power button plus nothing happens plus I know it’s because it is so frosty in here. There can be no other reason, then and this is the time of day when I labor online, while the home is quiet. I turned on the space furnace in the kitchen although I know it will take a while for my kitchen, plus my laptop to warm up. Hubby is sure going to hear it when she gets up!
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