How to choose the right cooling system for your rental property

As summer heats up, you may be faced with the task of choosing a cooling system for your rental property.

If you are looking to select a cooling system for a newly built rental property or replacing the system in an existing property, it is important to consider all your options and choose the one that best suits your rental property’s needs. Central air conditioning comes with a few popular options. These options include split AC, heat pump, and rooftop unit. Split AC is the most popular cooling system. It utilizes the same ductwork as your heating system. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling. They pump heat out of your rental property to cool it during summer and draw heat inside during winter. Roof-tops units are also heating and cooling systems which work best in multi-unit properties and can be installed on the ground or roof. Before choosing your ideal air conditioning system for your rental property, have a qualified and trained HVAC contractor perform an energy audit on your property. During this energy audit, the technician will perform a load calculation to determine the required system specification that will best suit the cooling needs of your particular property. An HVAC contractor will also help you to identify the most energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your rental property based on size, humidity extraction, environmentally-friendly coolants, and noise. Choosing the appropriate size cannot be overstated as it is the most crucial element of a successful property cooling. Installing an inaccurately sized HVAC system leads to energy waste, driving up your energy bills.

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