How does she know about HVAC?

My mother can amaze me at times.

She acts like this sweet person who knows very little and most people start talking around her.

When she comes to visit, she sits there quietly playing with my kids. I hear the three of them giggling and my husband and I will be talking. All of a sudden I know that we said something and she joins in on the conversation. She explains what was actually happening and how it should have been done. She then goes back to the kids and it’s like she never said a word to us. Last week, she was visiting for the day and she and my six year-old were playing with dolls on the floor. We had been having a problem with our air conditioning unit. My husband said he looked at everything and he couldn’t find a problem. The air conditioning wasn’t reaching all of the house. My six-year-old started to giggle when Nana began telling her how to install a central air conditioning and how to service it. She said that if you don’t have air conditioning, you should check to make sure there are no blockages in the ductwork, or in the air vents. You should also check to make sure the fan is working properly, and if you have a mechanic in the house, he should know how to check the fan motor. My husband was a mechanic. She then said that if that fails, you may want to contact an HVAC technician and get their opinion. My husband bit his lip, knowing she was talking to us and not our daughter. He came in five minutes later and told me that we had to call the HVvAC company. The fan motor wasn’t working.
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