Hotel hot tub room is disgusting

Sometimes I really hate traveling. I know that it is very good for you to get out and see new sights. I really enjoy having new experiences and exploring the world. That being said, I find it extremely stressful to plan a trip when you have no idea what your accommodations are actually going to be like. I can’t tell you how many times I have booked a hotel room or vacation activity only to be massively disappointed by the actual circumstances when I arrive. This couldn’t be more relevant than my many horrific experiences with hotel rentals and airbnb’s. The last time that I rented a hotel room I was absolutely grossed out by the environment. At first, I was excited because they had a separate hot tub room which promised to deliver warm, muggy air to open your pores. I was excited to bask in a tropical climate and let my respiratory system absorb all over the airborne humidity. However, when I actually arrived at the hotel I found that the air quality in the hot tub room was anything but therapeutic. Not only was the indoor air completely stagnant and overheated, but the humidity was definitely not doing my respiratory system any favors. In fact, I could tell that the indoor air was carrying a heavy load of human contamination, including bacteria, viruses, and dead skin. Everywhere I looked in the steamy room was absolutely covered in mold and mildew. It was obvious that there was no air filtration or circulation in this space. Rather than lounging luxuriously in this hot tub room, I fled from the terrible air quality and never returned.

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