Having a desk and chair custom made for my office

I was excited when I was finally able to change my schedule so that I can work honestly from home.

I no longer need to get up to a certain time, dress in company clothing & drive to the office.

I do my work all from my own house & often I set my own hours. However, I need to use my time as great as possible. It was important to set up an office space that promotes comfort & focus. I hastily noticed that my desk & chair were not up to par. I had bought an office chair from a local big box store, & after doing some work for a couple of hours, I had severe neck pain. I was unable to adjust the chair to my exact height I needed it at. I had found the desk at a garage sale & it wasn’t the right size for my room. After searching for weeks for the perfect office furniture, I finally contacted a custom furniture shop. A designer asked a lot of questions, wanting to figure on everything from my height & weight to where I want to place my legs while I work. We spent a lot of time figuring out the right dimensions for the furniture. We had lengthy debates over whether or not I wanted arms on the chair and a back rest. Because of the custom design, I am now able to do my job for really long hours without any discomfort. There is convenient access to power through holes in the desk too.


Elegant furniture