Great neighbor shows me all about HVAC and winter prep

I moved to the north due to a promotion my wife received.

I work at home as an IT consultant so can work pretty much anywhere.

When my wife came home with the new offer, she was concerned about moving north. The concern was more for me than for her. She was familiar with gas furnace HVAC heating and snow and ice. Having grown up in the north, she was hip to what the winter was really all about. I totally underestimated the impact a harsh winter would have on me. From the very first cold blast to the last, I was freezing that first winter. Since I was working from home, all I could do was crank the thermostat some more. But that proved to be really expensive as I learned after the first heating bill came. So then, it was me and a space heater wherever I was in the house. To keep from a repeat showing of that movie, a great neighbor came to my aid. This guy showed me how to get my house ready to receive all that HVAC heating. This neighbor graciously took a few weekends out to show me how to seal up the house properly. This way, the HVAC heating stayed on the inside and the cold stayed on the outside. We are just past Christmas now and I have to say that winter preparation is totally the answer. I’m much, much warmer in the house this year and keeping the thermostat at a reasonable level as well. Thanks to my awesome neighbor, I’m going to get acclimated to winter up here after all.

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