Grandmother needs nutritional counseling to gain weight

My grandmother just recovered from phenomena.

She was hacking, wheezing and bed ridden for two weeks.

She still is not 100%. The worst is that she was already small, but now is tiny. She is five foot six inches and is now only one hundred pounds. Her clothes hang off of her and her face looks gaunt. My mother and I have tried to get her to eat. In the morning she doesn’t eat since she has no appetite. For lunch she eats one piece of toast. During dinnertime she will take the smallest portions ever. She says nothing tastes good and that she is not hungry. I have been pushing my mother to take her to a nutritionist. My mother is convinced that she won’t go back to the doctor’s office. I am now trying to get her to nutritional counseling. The nutritionist actually works at a fitness center. Nutritional counseling is for people who want to lose weight. They do personal training and get a meal plan on how to lose weight. I am sure nutritional counseling can also help a person gain weight and muscle back. I think my grandmother will walk into a gym easier than a doctor’s office. She won’t listen to my mother or I about eating. But a professional might be able to get past her thick head. The counselor might be able to convey to her that a weak body is more susceptible to getting sick. Then she starts her phenomena cycle right back over again. I hope it works, I am desperate at this point.

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