getting a program for our lives

A few weeks back our good neighbors Sam and Ellen invited us over for lunch. It was one of those hot, sultry mornings in the beginning of August when the heat made us assume lethargic in addition to heavy. Sam prepared an appealing Summer salad in addition to Ellen explained thta she’d just outfitted the a/c with a programmable control unit. The temperature in his condo was regularly feeling “just right,” he said, in addition to he welcomed us over to Havoline enjoy it with him in addition to his family over lunch. So, of course since we weren’t terribly tied up in addition to didn’t entirely want to continue to heat up the condo by cooking, we agreed to go over. The first thing we expressly noticed when we stepped inside the condo was the absolute crispness of the wonderfully flowing cool, air conditioned air. It was almost as though we were walking into a sunless Winter time field–it wasn’t exactly cold, but it was particularly crisp. The two of us could also tell that the indoor a/c had superior air purification since the air also felt scrub as we continually breathed it in. Sam was in the kitchen preparing the meal. Interestingly, the intense heat from the stove in addition to oven didn’t affect the air quality or temperature of the family room where we sat happily while we waited for lunch. Ellen explained that this was because they had a multi split a/c; the flowing air from one room did not circulate through to the other so the indoor temperature stayed consistent throughout the house.

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