Furnace vents felt so wonderful after playing outside as a kid

Some of the most fun that I had as a kid was experienced during the Winter months.

I loved going outside to play in the snow.

I would make snow angels, igloos, forts, and snowmen. I would also conduct full-scale snowball fights with all of the neighbor kids! It was such a fun time. However, the best time of all those events was coming back inside where the furnace kept the house nice and toasty. As soon as I stepped inside, the hot, humid air would immediately fog up my glasses. I would peel off all of my wet clothes and lay them by the door for my mom to dry. Immediately, I would run to the closest vent to feel the warm air from the furnace. My tiny fingers would burn from the hot air, making it almost uncomfortable to leave them there. I would sit on top of the vent, allowing the warm air to travel up my entire body. The furnace would cause my skin to sweat and my nose to run. But I loved the heat. The cold was fun for a time, but the furnace never got old. Even today, I love to sit near or on top of vents! My furnace is my best friend, and I rarely use my air conditioner. However, I definitely don’t leave the comfort of my warm home to play outside in the snow anymore. It just doesn’t seem as exciting as an adult. I would rather relax in my house and keep my thermostat set to a comfortable temperature.


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