Friendly customers make my job worth it

Over the past couple of years working at my job I have met hundreds if not thousands of customers.

One of the biggest reasons that I got into this line of work was the chance to be able to work with so many people all over the city, and for the majority of my time I have had a blast. I am good at my job, my boss is kind and smart, and the benefits of being the neighborhood repairman are fantastic. Over time there has always been a handful of grumpy people that have been very unpleasant to deal with during my time working as a certified HVAC repair tech, but what always makes me want to continue working here is all of the lovely people that I have met. Working as a certified HVAC repair tech many families that I am sent out to help are in desperate need of assistance. The area of the country that I work in is constantly warm and it can be miserable without a solid air conditioning unit in your home. Nevertheless, so many men and women remain so kind to me while i am working on repairing or replacing their air conditioning units, making me snacks to eat during my breaks and always offering a lovely smile. Whenever I come into contact with the kind customers I seem to always feel compelled to work extra hard to make them happy. I just wish that the grumpy people I work with the other part of my days realized this as well. If they did then they would have much less to be upset about!

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